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Mitra Rangarajan, MSN, ANP-BC, MPH, CDE, MS (RD)

Patient Safety Blog

Mitra Rangarajan, MSN, ANP-BC, MPH, CDE, MS (RD) specializes in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Primary Care/Diabetes Management.

She practices in the Baltimore area, providing episodic and chronic care services for Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Primary Care Service. She has decades of experience in healthcare, particularly in the field of nutrition, medicine and public health.

Mitra Rangarajan is affiliated with organizations including American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), The American Diabetes Association (ADA), International Council of Nurses (ICN) / International Nurse Practitioner (INP), American College of Gastroenterology (ACG), and American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP).

During her decades of practice in healthcare she observed countless preventable patient safety failures. She made it her mission to empower the public so that they can take charge of their health and safety when they go to the hospital, particularly large tertiary care facilities. She views patients as full partners of the healthcare delivery team which recognizes the patient’s experiential knowledge. In such a partnership, the knowledge, competency and experience a patient has gained through his/her illness will complement the clinical and scientific knowledge of the healthcare professionals improving the quality of care and fostering trust and confidence in each other for better outcomes.

Through her extensive research and firsthand training, Mitra Rangarajan has culled specific shortcomings of healthcare systems failure which sometimes is systemic and can lead to danger or even death for patients. This includes failure to follow guidelines, errors of communication, inadequate training, lapses in hygiene and infection control, lack of informed consent for treatments and procedures, misinformation for patients, and much more. Her desire to keep patients safe and bring this issue to the forefront increased after she witnessed how individuals compromised patient safety in an effort to retaliate against those who voiced concerns of misconduct and patient safety.

It is most rewarding to educate my colleagues and peers about patient safety and know that when they return to their workplace they will be equipped with the tools to keep their patients safe.

Mitra Rangarajan

Mitra Rangarajan serves as the United States communications liaison for the International Council of Nurse Practitioners. She is a coauthor on numerous publications, such as GI Nutrition Desk Reference (CRC Press), ADA GI Nutrition Pocket Guide, and Integrative Gastroenterology – Weil Integrative Medicine Library (Oxford Press). She has given international presentations about various aspects of patient safety and the changing landscape of healthcare. She has also appeared in the media to share her health expertise.

Thanks to her extensive interaction and work overseas, Mitra has learned that United States is a leader in providing top quality medical care. “The hundreds of years of training that we have put into perfecting physician and NP skills for credentialing and privileges is second to none.”- Mitra Rangarajan. Yet in the recent years, the country’s quality of care has plummeted, and we rank low in terms of patient safety. This, coupled with astronomical costs for medical care, has hurt our healthcare economy and led patients to go abroad for care.

Mitra aims to raise awareness of these shortcomings in the field of medicine (particularly in patient safety) in the United States, while personally delivering high-quality services and support to her patients.

On this blog, Mitra Rangarajan will share her insights and experiences regarding patient safety.